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I could go on because we all know Somethings UP

Growing up I remember getting a vaccination for what I believe was smallpox all through the rest of my life with the advent of flu and other various vaccines I have never gotten another.  However when my children were born I followed the schedule that someone put in place to vaccinate our children from childhood diseases and many were for diseases you might get.  I never gave much thought to vaccinations and always thought that our government would only do what was good for us, right, they wouldnt want us to be hurt.

My last child I took to the doctor when he was two, not knowing much about this stuff was horrified that we had to hold him down so they could stick two needles into his arms at the same time. After getting those needles he got sick about 3 days later and remained sick for months, during this time I was researching vaccines and wanted to know more about them. I was horrified to find out what i did

In my own circumstance that was the last time my boy got a vaccination and I will put my trust in GODS creation to keep him healthy.

I don't believe in vaccines, in the present sense, where I believe they might work and work safely but not as they are today,, today it seems to be more of a money grab for the vaccine Industry or big Pharma. The CDC is a company that owns 60 patents for vaccines. 



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So do vaccines really work
I dont know the answer to that question but I do think that each individual should have the right to choose whether they want to vaccinate their children.


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