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Donald Trump became President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017
Here is his Swearing in

Since the posting of this page Donald Trump has taken on the  Media, entertainment, Government, Intelligence establishments that are responsible for the 20 trillion dollar deficeit and the endless wars of terror, lets let him finsih of the NWO.  

Donald Trump is really doing what he said he would do fast, Their view is that if they can relieve that people of red tape the people could drive the economy there would be an atmosphere that would stimulate business.


John F Kennedy speech to the press
on the Secret Societies

What is the

A Monolithic & Ruthless Conspiracy

As long as the establishment is owned by the NWO the thought of a Republican or Demorcratic Party is merely an illusion of Democracy since both parties are also owned by the NWO.

They need lobbying of congress out of their government process. 

illuminati symbolism on the dollar bill


John F Kennedy warned us about the shadow Government running the Country and was asking the press to tell the American people the truth about what is happening. He wanted to destroy the CIA and was assassinated by the them, and the secret service |


This is why trump has his own security and does not trust the secret service or the cia. Do yo u Blame him

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.


the individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."

J. Edgar Hoover

part of the BIG PICTURE is the President of the USA
Is the USA mentioned in the Bible?
Did you know almost every president of the USA are related to each other?
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Did you know that the United States of America is a Corporation?

He says some very interesting things you probably didnt know

Nation of Islam in the USA agrees that they need to watch who they let into the Country from Islamic Countries.







Im not one for watching TV for entertainment or news I found long ago that with the internet I could find other news that seemed more believable, It was September 11, 2001 when I could plainly see the events of the day being portrayed as something that was clearly not what they said it was.

So I got my news from online alternative sources and found they were more accurate with what is going on in the world, but on that day I was watching CNN and the other MSM which I could not comprehend that people would actually believe what they were broadcasting.

when the election came up in America I didn't listen to much of what was going on, the first time I noticed was when it was official that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were running for President, and I thought WOW is that all they could muster up was another Clinton and Trump who I never knew anything about except that he had a TV show and I had seen him on TV a few times and with hillary I already knew she was a crook.

When they were Campaigning
I heard this speech & got me interested
I thought he sounds like Ron Paul.


So I watched it once in a while but nothing extreme because mainstream was talking like Hillary was gonna win, alternative media gave it all to Trump and so I lost interest a little

I started to see the Bias Toward Trump and wondered why a few words ten years ago could mean anything, all of a sudden trump was a woman hater, a racist, the next Hitler. so I did some research and could not find anything bad about the guy besides a few choice words he might have spoken or because they hate him on tv, they talked about him as a joke in the race.


I think this speech was brilliant and it brought out so much truth to us about what is going on. Trump has woken many people up to the corruption and planning of the NWO or Shadow Government

I became more aware of what was going on,  I happen to come across Newt Gingrich's interview where he mentioned that trump was not secret society not part of the club it made me more interested in this election because of what I had learned about these secret societies and now its coming out in the open.


you need to know that both parties in the USA are bought and paid for and it does not matter who you vote for the government wins, (Establishment, Shadow Government)

Have you noticed that no matter who gets in they continue with the same policies.

Predictive Programming

Its a good time to point out that Fox Channel
the Simpson's
aired a show in which Donald Trump was president. I mention this because they have predicted many other events that have taken place. you might want to check that out its called predictive programming.

What Do you Think
Just a Co incidence or what

This world is controlled by many such
secret societies from  the Illuminate,
 Jesuits, club of Rome, trilateral commission
council on foreign relations and


secret societies that run the world





Map on the Simpsons of States won and the real one.

The Foolish Media

 I watched like everyone as they put Trump down they mocked him and teased him telling him that he would never be president of the USA.  The Media was quite open about their affair with Hillary and so was the other actors from Hollywood. It really looked like Hillary was going to win according to MSM.



The Acting News agencies,
They are all Actors

I could not believe the crappy acting its true these people are in the entertainment industry and they read a script they do not report news.

take a look and see that they all report the news using the same terms or words.

Wiki Leaks Webpage


Shows you how much these people know, they are all actors just like in Hollywood. Watch them mock Trump that he will never be president of the USA
then Wiki leaks came out with several thousands leaked emails from Hillary and her campaign Manager John Pedesta Which contained secret and classified information and some accusations of a Pedophilia ring in the Washington area involving high ranking officials right up to the Whitehouse which is being buried by MSM/. Search Pizzagate

These so called news people are a joke, how can people not see that they are just a propaganda machine for the elite globalist that want to destroy America.

How deep does the rabbit hole go, pretty deep while we are distracted by one thing another thing takes place and we have to watch for that.

The Pedophilia Ring is just one of the issues that are being scrubbed from the internet. This Ring was brought out decades ago by David Icke and is now being passed off as fake news.

Dont be fooled these people are actors and paid for by the same people that want to keep you enslaved and all the while enrich themselves

You need to watch this and spread it

This is such an important Issue
thousands and thousands of missing kids
where are they
looks like they are starting to make arrests

#Pizzagate Megyn Kelly Interviews James Alefantis:

Ben Swann Properly Reports Pizzagate for CBS in Atlanta.


Hillary Rotten Clinton
Secretary of Sleaze

It also turns out that Hillary and her Clinton Foundations are running a pay for play racket and stealing Haiti Relief Funds to the tune of a billion plus and peddling children and it seems also that everyone that can testify against the clintons is found dead,suicides mostly and sometimes with two shots to the head.

Hillary and the Clinton foundation

 After considerable research on Hillary Clinton I came to the conclusion that Trump was right and she belongs in Jail for quite a few crimes.

It is a lot easier to search
so I provided a
link for you here.

Shape shifting Reptilian

Hillary Clinton is not a good
person, in fact she is Down right evil.

America is showing Hillary Clinton and her accomplices the door. The FBI is underway on not one, but five criminal investigations into the iniquitous Hillary Clinton. 



With the Internet I dont see any reason why this woman can get away with the murders, war crimes, treason, even when you tell the brainwashed American citizen they dont go and see if all that they are hearing is true mostly because they dont want to think that they were wrong,


Donald Trump
won the election


No one could believe the results, he wins a landslide of the electoral College votes


Ridiculous Media


and the Media cries, and the Nation cries they can't believe the Demonized Trump won the election and then all of a sudden there were accusations of Russians hacking computers that cost Hillary the election, Trump was a Russian spy.





News agencies so sad after loss of election


trumps Victory Speech

A Russian Spy

Now we need to talk about Donald Trump, how did he win, why did he win, was this an unexpected  result or is this a plan B" of the Powers that Be, the Illuminate, the elite. Is Trump part of the Elites plan for world domination.



These news casters are pathetic
they should be ashamed
the way they are acting.



This Russian did it, Putin is to blame is such a load of crap. why are the Russians bad but Islam is not.


I became interested with Donald Trump only after he won and started to do the things that he said he was going to do, how can you not admire a man with the balls of kennedy to take on the establishment as he calls it ( the swamp) or so it seems. Many people say "look" he is just filling the swamp up with more of the elite, which may be true but he needs people that know how the establishment works so he needs to pick people that know it and hopefully have a grudge with the establishment even though they might have worked in it at some point.

Trump has some interesting policies which I believe are going to do good once the financial collapse happens.  More State Authority is a great thing to give back for education , policing and social programs.

I am going to follow trump, this is what Kennedy tried to do with the establishment and we know what happened to him, lets hope that trump can pull it off. He needs to change the establishment to change policies.

if you want war and rumors of wars as it has been since the end of the second world war or do you want a more peaceful world, what ever it is things need to change the American people and their country cannot continue this trillion upon trillion of debt.

this is what trump is trying to stop, a collapse of the American Dollar which is inevitable , Maybe



Donald J. Trump:
The Long Road to the White House (1980 - 2017)




Full Documentary 2017 -
The Making of Donald Trump
The New American President -




Donald Trump
Roasts Hillary Clinton



    Since Trump took office he has taken a number of measures and signed quite a few executive Orders that deal with Obama care,
    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump laid out his step-by-step immigration plan in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Donald Trump says he has a plan to boost the economy by 4% while speaking at the Economic Club of New York.
    Donald Trump delivers his first national policy speech outlining his views on U.S. foreign policy and changes he would make.

Donald same position for 30 years


George Soro's should be in Jail
right beside Hillary R Clinton

George Soro's
This man is part of the NWO who donates money to cause problems in Countries all over the world.

Over 50 of the womens groups in the demonstrations the day after the innauguration were funded by Soro's



Soros is paying people
2500 per month to demonstrate
in the USA

George Soros is funding all the Mayhem that is happening since the inauguration of Donald Trump. 

He is a danger to democracy