Astrology is forbidden in the bible, it is a source of many false gods and tells the story of Jesus.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, are all Gods, they are named after Nephilim

Saturn is also the personification of Satan and has a hexagonal storm on its north pole, and an
eye on the south pole.

Astrology was taught to man by the fallen angels (Book of Enoch, Tamiel taught astrology) when they co habituated with human women on earth in the days of Jared, they also taught man many other forbidden crafts,

Astrology uses the stars and planets to foretell the future, such as the star of bethlehem, which may have been the alignment of the planets.



GOD put the stars and planets in the heavens to use as signs and for seasons. the stars are in a firmament that surrounds the earth, and yes they could mean that the earth is flat and that is another subject,

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