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Ancient times






I could go on because we all know Somethings UP

Ancient Empires
Sumaria Mesopotamia
Medo Persia
Other Empires
The best known ancient building has got to be the Egyptians Pyramids, the present Egyptologists are telling us that the pyramids are 4000 years old and that they were built as tombs for the Pharoahs even though not one mummy has ever been found in any pyramid.  The pyramids are not only building in Egypt but they are built all over the world, even across the ocean in South America,

There are many other ancient buildings around the world which took a great degree of skill to construct yet at the time these monuments were built mankind was suppose to be just coming out of caves according to evolution.

It is clear that what we are being told is not true, these monuments are built with millimeter precision and have many equations built into them. When you ask the professionals today that do the type of work in the pyramids they say that they cannot duplicate the work done in the pyramids.

Some of the stones that are cut and moved sometimes hundreds of miles weigh in excess of a thousand tons and more,

many mathamatical equations, and the meter were well known in ancient times but some professionals would have you believe that these are all co incidences and happened by chance.

I believe somethings UP

  The Revelation of the Pyramids The Pyramid Code  
Why is the pyramid on the US one dollar bill





  What could the pyramids have been built for  
I believe that the pyramids were ancient machines that would resonate a frequency
that might have helped certain people live longer (Nephilim) when god shortened the life spans for flesh on earth
because they were built all over the world I believe the pyramids were technological machines not tombs built before the flood of Noah
in the days of jared


Harun Yahya - The truth about the ancient Egyptian pyramids


The pillar of Enoch




where is the capstone for the pyramid at Giza


were the pyramids built by Giants (Nephilim)

  Who were the Nepilim, Rafaim, Anakim, Zamzummim



The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse
The pyramids in the bible


the Serapeum at Saqqara, Egypt
incredible ancient megalithic site



We will be seeing that Giants were on the earth in those days as many ancient texts say
books such as the book of Giant, Adam and Eve, Enoch

Fallen Angels were the cause of this abomination in the eyes of the lord god
these became the men of renown .



Ancient Aliens Theory

The ancient aliens theory is again another slap at Christianity by
referencing Demons and Angels with Aliens from another planet.

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Traces of the Gods : Ancient Astronauts on Earth

Chariots of the Gods

The Real Story Behind Aliens_ Ufos_ Demons_ Illuminati & satanism

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8 mysteries of the pyramids Even though mainstream Science will say that civilization is around 5 thousand years old many scholors have come out and said that science actually shows that man has been around for tens of thousands of years and not just a few thousand.  take for example the Sphinx it is thought to be looking at itself rising in the constellation Leo which if true would have it aged at 10 thousand years BC.  

the Sphinx is at least 9500 years old
Brien Foerster



Graham Hancock
Discoveries of Ancient Civilizations

Magicians of the Gods
Graham Hancock




So according to main stream the earliest civilization is Samarian
3000 BC which dates it back to close to Noahs Flood.

Was Noahs Flood a real Event


Ancient man had great knowledge,
over the generations and as mans life span shortens,
man loses that knowledge

man was made in the image of god
and man did eat from the tree of knowledge
and lived for hundreds of years but after the flood his age shortens

Were the pyramids built before or after the flood

Who built the pyramids



Forbidden History




Ancient Civilizations around the world
after the flood of noah


Name Approximate dates Location Major cities
Akkadian 23502230 B.C. Mesopotamia, parts of
 Syria, Asia Minor,
Akkad, Ur, Erich
Assyrian 1800889 B.C. Mesopotamia, Syria Assur, Nineveh,
Babylonian 17281686 B.C. (old)
625539 B.C. (new)
Mesopotamia, Syria,
Cimmerian 750500 B.C. Caucasus, northern Asia
Egyptian 2850715 B.C. Nile valley Thebes, Memphis,
Etruscan 900396 B.C. Northern Italy
Greek 900200 B.C. Greece Athens, Sparta,
 Thebes, Mycenae,
Hittite 16401200 B.C. Asia Minor, Syria Hattusas, Nesa
Indus Valley 30001500 B.C. Pakistan,
 Northwestern India
Lydian 700547 B.C. Western Asia Minor Sardis, Miletus
Mede 835550 B.C. Iran Media
Minoan 30001100 B.C. Crete Knossos
Persian 559330 B.C. Iran, Asia Minor, Syria Persepolis,
Phoenician 1100332 B.C. Palestine (colonies:
 Gibraltar, Carthage,
Tyre, Sidon, Byblos
Phrygian 1000547 B.C. Central Asia Minor Gordion
Roman 500 B.C.A.D. 300 Italy, Mediterranean
 region, Asia Minor,
 western Europe
Rome, Byzantium
Scythian 800300 B.C. Caucasus
Sumerian 32002360 B.C. Mesopotamia Ur, Nippur


Ancient Civilizations

The great empires of the world, the Achaemenid Empire    

The Sumerians (Forbidden History)


Babylon, ancient Mesopotamia,

Tower of Babel, Chuck Missler


The early history of Babylon is shrouded in mystery. First mentioned in the Bible is the record of Genesis 10:8-10 which names Nimrod, the grandson of Ham, as the founder of the city in the dim prehistoric past




History of the Greek Empire




Alexander the Great
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