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.I will be producing my own short documentaries about issues that interest me but for now here are some video's to look at.
Weird sky
the real climate change

Th Bay Chemtrail watch


with this world of ours, some people are aware of it and some are not,
Aware of what you might ask?,
the BIG picture and that it all leads back to     .   . YOU will notice that all of the topics discussed will have implications as predicted in the Bible. You and I are the small picture, and the rest of humanity makes up the picture we as a collective are in today, one of war and famine, sickness and greed, cruelty, corruption and deceitfulness . It is a picture that has been manipulated for hundreds if not thousands of years by secret societies and continues today.

Since the beginning of time many stories and so called myths have managed to survive the passage of time, ancient construction has us in awe of the technology that must have been available to the builders of these monuments, What is the real purpose of the pyramids, we do know they were not tombs.

can first nations survive emp

  The Real reason for Climate Change

we are not being told the truth about most things in our world






So you think you know what is going on in the World?


Is the Earth a sphere


Are we living in a matrix
could we be an illusion or hologram

or a flat round plane




Take a look around
this mostly video


Climate Change
Holocaust JEWS Life & Death
Magic Noah's Flood

There are some new theories about space and an Electric Universe

Is Space a plasma, water or a vacuum

Psalms 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament showeth his handiwork.